Safety Policy

We, in AAICLAS regard safety as our first priority and shall provide highest reasonable standard of safety across AAICLAS Operations. We shall adopt, plan and establish an explicit, proactive and systematic Safe Management System for our core activities and shall review it periodically. All our colleagues without any exception are accountable and responsible for safety while delivering our service.


Our commitment is to:

  • Comply with and wherever possible exceed international and national standards, regulations & requirements and adopt best industry practices on safety.
  • Provide appropriate resources both human and financial necessary to support the implementation & management of safety.
  • Define, document and communicate throughout the organization the safety accountabilities, responsibilities and authorities of all its colleagues including all members of management.
  • Ensure that all our colleagues are adequately & appropriately trained for their roles & responsibilities, are competent in safety matters and continue to remain so, and are allocated only tasks commensurate with their skills, knowledge and attitude.
  • Foster positive safety culture in which our colleagues are encouraged to report their safety concern or errors without the fear of any punitive action, however, an act of gross negligence or deliberate or willful disregard of safety rules and regulations shall be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Establish & Operate a comprehensive procedure for reporting, collection, analyzing and storing of data on Hazards, incidents and accidents to achieve continuous improvement in our safety performance.
  • Continuously improve our safety performance through regular monitoring and measurement of realistic safety performance indicators and safety performance targets.
  • Ensure that the facilities, equipment and services provided by external suppliers or contractors meet the safety performance standards and requirements of our organization.
  • Share safety information generated by our internal reporting mechanism with all stake holders to improve aviation safety.
  • Review periodically efficacy of our set Safety Performance Indicators & Targets, Safety Management System, and Safety Policy to enable our Organization to adapt to changing safety environment.